Oversized Pulley System For SHIMANO Dura-Ace, Ultegra 12speed



We Value Efficiency As Much As You Do

The Shuriken oversized pulley system was engineered for maximum performance and designed to enhance drivetrain efficiency on any bike. The larger pulley diameter enables the system to rotate at lower RPMs, reducing the chain's articulation angle and subsequently minimizing drivetrain friction. The TBT bearings within the pulleys are filled with specially developed light grease to keep drag low and minimize resistance. The combination of a carbon fiber cage and hardened steel/dura-aluminum hardware establishes a lightweight yet robust foundation for the system.

The pulleys themselves are crafted from dura-aluminum and coated with PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) for enduring low friction and a clean aesthetic. A purpose-specific tooth profile ensures precise shifting and exceptionally smooth operation. Upgrading to the Shuriken oversized pulley system not only allows you to increase drivetrain capacity on a short-cage derailleur but also enables the use of a larger cassette for an expanded gear range. Embrace a more effortless and enduring ride with the Shuriken oversized pulley system.

What is Conti-Wave?

Conti-Wave machining reduces chain noise by minimizing the contact surface against the chain. The chain enters the rear derailleur at various angles. The Conti-Wave tooth profile, designed for the lower pulley, ensures smooth pulley-and-chain engagement regardless of the gear position. The continuous chamfered form on the teeth's edge reduces the contact area between the teeth and chain inner plates by 82.5%, further increasing efficiency while perfectly guiding the chain.

Q: Do I need to change the chain when installing the oversize pulley?

A: While it may require two extra chain links on average, we recommend initially keeping the original chain length. Once the pulley is installed, carefully try all gears and determine if it's necessary to add extra chain links or use a completely new chain.

Q: How should I maintain the Shuriken Oversize Pulley?

A: We recommend disassembling the Shuriken oversized pulley system, opening the seal, and regreasing the bearings every 2,000km. Consider more frequent maintenance intervals when riding in rainy or muddy conditions

Q: Most alloy pulleys are noisy. How does TOKEN overcome the noise issue?

A: Chain noise primarily originates from the bottom pulley, where the chain enters at various angles. The Shuriken's 19T bottom pulley is designed for exceptionally smooth operation and is as quiet as a plastic pulley.

Q: Would it affect the shifting performance?

A: No. With slight adjustments, the Shuriken oversized pulley system consistently delivers perfect shifts.

Q: Why do some of the TOKEN Shuriken models have the largest pulleys in the market, while others don’t?

A: We understand that larger pulleys experience lower drag due to slower rotation. However, the top pulley has structural limitations. Derailleur designs vary, and each derailleur has a different maximum top pulley size it can accommodate. We believe that sacrificing shifting performance for marginal gains in pulley size isn't worthwhile. Pulley size is just one factor – bearing technology, pulley tooth profile, and surface treatment are equally important. All Shuriken models are designed not only for efficiency but also for optimal shifting performance and easy adjustment.

Installation Instruction


5 Year Warranty



Bearings TBT
Pulley Wheel Upper 13T, lower 19T
RD Compatibility SHIMANO R9250, R8150
Drivetrain capacity 16T (chainring) + 23T (cassette)
Lowest (largest) cog 34T
Weight 59 g / set
Plate Material Matte 3K carbon
Pulley Material Aluminium with titanium coating
Colours Blue
Matte Carbon
Black & White
Product Code TK1739S2