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Large pulley set for SHIMANO / SRAM 12s MTB drivetrain



Large pulley set

Usually Skinny Fat is an insult but in the case of these pulleys, it’s not. We looked at the chain and noticed that half the links are wider and half are narrower and we designed the teeth of the pulley to fit the gaps perfectly. The pulleys teeth have a fat and skinny look to them but they fit the chain like a well-tailored suit. Unlike someone who is skinny fat, these pulleys are made of strong and durable 7075 alloy.


2 Year Warranty
Premium Bearings



Bearings Premium
Pulley Wheel Upper 14T, lower 14T
RD Compatibility SHIMANO / SRAM 12s MTB
Weight 32.9 g / set
Pulley Material Aluminium
Colours Black
Product Code TK1744X

Derailleur System:

Shimano 12s MTBXTR, XT, DeoreShimano 12s Gravel (1x)RX822-SGS/-GS
SRAM Eagle 12sXX1 Eagle AXS, XX1 Eagle,X01 Eagle AXS, X01 Eagle, GX Eagle, NX Eagle


Important: Make sure your chain length is correct! Proper chain length ensures optimal drivertrain performance and stability. Always follow chain / drivertrain manufacturers’ guidance for chain sizing.

Note: Slight derailleur adjustment may be needed to achieve optimal performance. Check before your first ride!