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Token chops grams w/ composite Ninja Lite bottom bracket, Crown Cap & more

By Tyler Benedict

The new Token Ninja Lite composite bottom bracket is not only lighter than their metal version, but also cheaper! They’re billing it as a lower cost, easier to install option aimed at the OEM customer. However it’s worth a look for weight weenies that might not need ultimate durability. Which isn’t to say it’s not durable. It carries all of the same features as the original Ninja BB’s, like a thread-together two piece design that ensures bearing alignment. And for years Token has been using a composite sleeve on those to reduce creaking and help protect your frame, so the material has proven itself there.

However, the Ninja Lite is 20% lighter than the alloy versions (80g versus 100g, only available for PF86/92 frames and Shimano 24mm spindles for now). The patented scalloped design reduces pressure in the bearings so they’ll spin freely, too. And because it’s not using a super rigid alloy shell, it’ll be a little more forgiving on frames that maybe aren’t perfectly aligned. Price isn’t set yet, but it’ll be on sale by end of the year. Considering the regular Ninja BB is $45 for standard bearings ($110 for ceramic), we suspect this will be a very affordable option. All that said, if you’re a masher or extremely strong or heavy rider, we’d suggest sticking with the alloy models.

They’ve also added regular Ninja BBs for the new SRAM DUB cranksets.

It’s generally recognized that we should put one small spacer above the stem when assembling our bike, then the top cap. The new Token Crown Cap combines the top spacer and steerer cap into a single 4.5g part that’s just $15. Black only.

Combine that with their ultralight spacers and new slammed stem system and you’ve got the beginnings of a proper weight weenie setup.

The new C22AX Prime wheelset takes one of their lightweight alloy road bike rims and adds an extremely tough ceramic coating to improve durability and braking performance.

They’re aimed at the lightweight climber, with a claimed weight of just 1,406g (623.5g front, 782.5g rear) and internal width of 18mm. But they are tubeless ready, and built with Pillar spokes and Token’s premium bearings, and they say the wheels should be plenty durable enough for any cyclocross racers still running cantilever brakes. Standard QR hubs only, retail is $799 USD.