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Peter Boronkay - Elite Paratriathlete

HU Elite Paratriathlete

3 distance, 3 world titles 

2009 Olympic distance Gold Coast

2010 Sprint distance Budapest

2021 Long/IM distance Almere

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Why do you passionate about cycling?

I like riding my bike at sunrise on summer mornings, when the roads are empty, no traffic, and the surroundings are quiet. I live in a plain, so I like it when I have the opportunity to bike in the mountains alone or in a group in a community.Hardest ride ever?There were lots of hard bike courses I raced, but in the future, I would like to test myself at an event where my goal is to achieve. For example Canada Man, Alp'd'Huez Triathlon, or SwissMan triathlon at ironman distance, but I have an invitation to Attack Triathlon in Slovakia, 2km swim, 125km bicycle with 2800m of altitude, and 23km running 1400m of altitude. I’d like to participate in Stelvio's classic perhaps the next year.

Most fulfilling riding experience?

First one when I enter the Swiss Ironman. The other was when I was able to compete on the Formula 1 track in Abu Dhabi last year. It was an uplifting feeling, I'm glad I was able to experience it. What is the biggest challenge to keeping cycling?The para-cycling national championships are organized Hungaroring Formula 1 track every year. I really like this race, that we can ride on such a high-quality closed course. On the same weekend, there is a 24-hour race in the same place, which can be completed in a team or individually. Maybe one day I will do it individually ?

Most fulfilling riding experience?

Making cycling sport popular and introducing it to as many people as possible, and promoting cycling and a healthy lifestyle. For example, It was an excellent opportunity, when I’m working for the Giro d’Italia Big Start in schools along the Hungarian route. And of course, setting an example for my sons and young people.